SUNRISE lab.って、素晴らしい“Connector”だってご存知でしたか?

Mentorship During Fellowship
Agarwal S.
J Am Coll Cardiol. 2014 Oct 14;64(15):1637-8.
最後はちょっと趣向を変えてみまして、JACCのFellows-in-Training & Early Career Pageの指導者についての記事を最近読んだので、ここで取り上げてみます。
1. Educator
This mentor is responsible for advancing the education of the mentee. This may include medical knowledge, technical proficiencies, and procedural skills. Most successful educators prefer to use interactive ways, wherein the pupil plays an active part during the learning process.
2. Challenger
This mentor is responsible to “push” his or her mentees to heighten their sense of urgency and keep them moving forward. The Challenger’s role is to push the mentees to contribute hard work, to focus on the details that matter, to achieve key milestones, and to surpass his or her competition. The Challengers generally serve as great research mentors as they often urge their mentees to think in an innovative or unique fashion and may help them pursue research ideas.
3. Moderator
This mentor scrutinizes and keeps his or her mentees “in check.” In one’s professional career, it is important to have someone who can critically examine all actions and all steps and tell you when you are wrong or pursuing an incorrect path. These are very specific types of mentors— with well-defined personality traits—who can serve to steer mentees in the right direction. It is his or her responsibility to confront assumptions and ask tough questions that ultimately prevent a mentee from making costly or irremediable errors.
4. Career Planner
This mentor makes critical assessments of the mentee’s aptitude and skillset to help plan the career pathway that would be best suited for the mentee. This type of mentor is often instrumental in providing guidance about such decisions as academics versus private practice, interventional versus general cardiology versus electrophysiology, or basic research versus a clinical path.
5. Connector
In the real world, it often matters who you know. The Connector willingly opens up his or her network to help his or her mentee pursue the appropriate path. Whether it is staking his or her credibility on helping to find a first employer or making that connection to a critical hire, the Connector is 1 of the most valuable mentoring assets that a trainee can have.
これを読みますと、皆さんおそらく誰かしらの顔が浮かんでくると思います。ちなみにProf. Serruysは私にとってはすべての役割を担ってくださっています。医師としてのキャリアを考えた時に、このような素晴らしい指導者に出会えることは非常に大事です。私自身の留学も、素晴らしい指導者に出会え、その人たちとのつながりがあってこそ実現したものですし、このポジティブなサイクルはどんどん繋がっていきます。これには多少の運も必要かと思いますが、私自身は自分のアクティビティで基本的には何とかなるものと信じています。
“I believe the SUNRISE lab. will be a good connector for all cardiologists.”